Internet Betting Solution

With the advancement and popularity in broadband communications, Internet Betting offers an alternative,convenient and secure platform for players and operators.

By proper integration with the existing betting infrastructure, Internet Betting can provide abundant betting information in a home PC, completed with various account management facilities.

  • Instant wager placement,
  • Winning notifications,
  • Transaction records,
  • Betting account balance,
  • Transfer of funds between bank and betting account, and more …

Various games – Lotto, Sports Totalizator, Bingo and Chance can all be integrated into a one-stop platform. The ultra-fast transmission also allows the players to step ahead and make smartest betting decisions.

Benefits of Internet Betting Solution:

  • Restriction of business hours eliminated
  • Accepts large numbers last-minute wager
  • Provision of betting information & account management services
  • Utilization of customer base, network and betting infrastructure
  • Cost savings by reduced manual works and human resources
  • Reduction of consumable costs (e.g. OMR slips, thermal papers)
  • Enhanced security

The internet betting solution from eGame can be tailor-made to interface any web-browser of your choice. Single or dual authentication methods can be supported with different levels and mechanisms of security/ data encryptions available.

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