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Positron GPRS Lottery Terminal

Positron GPRS Lottery POS Terminal, with enhanced mobility and durability, was specially designed for lottery point-of-sales applications.

With ultra-high battery capacity and compatibility with various communication protocols, Positron GPRS Lottery POS Terminal will be an ideal solution for sales locations having inadequate internet connectivity or power supply, allowing the sales of online lottery to be conducted in areas far from urban, or retails with high geographical mobility.

Positron GPRS Lottery POS Terminal can also be used in fixed location of relatively less numbers of transactions in a more economical manner when compared with a tabletop all-in-one lottery PC POS terminal, but serving the identical functions with your lottery point-of-sales applications.

GPRS will be an optimal and economical communication protocol for locations with inadequate internet connectivity or having cheaper cost for GPRS when compared with internet in rural areas. It can reduce the operation cost to a great extent.

Key Attributes and Benefits:

  • PCI PED certified
  • EMV 4.0 Level 1 and Level 2 certified
  • Flexible modular communication design
  • Rugged, robust and durable
  • Meeting global security and communications standards
  • White LED backlit highly secure PIN pad
  • Stylish and cool design
  • Lightweight, ergonomic and sophisticated design
  • Magnetic strip and Smart Card readers
  • Quiet, high speed and easy loading thermal printer
  • Large backlit graphical 240 x 160 LCD screen
  • High capacity Li-ion battery
  • 16MB NOR Flash and 16 MB SDRAM (Upgradable to 32MB)
  • RS232 and USB connectivity
  • Linking with optional barcode reader, OMR and satellite modem
  • Versatile commercial tools
lottery terminal
lottery terminal