From terminal equipment for retailer to the most complicated backend infrastructure for operator, eGame always has a solution to cater your needs and be your technology enabler with the greatest variety of gaming solutions.

eGame has utilized its strong technical capability, experience and expertise in the Value Added Services platforms and Mobile solutions to develop a complete end-to-end lottery system, i.e. M.Lottery, as well as using the greatest combination of lottery terminal and backend system to optimize the sales efficiency in our customers' lottery business.

M.Lottery is a fully functional lottery system serving as an on-line ticketing and management tool. M.Lottery runs on secure, reliable, high-performance server hardware systems enhancing data integrity, and is the most reliable and secure solution capable of storing all transactions in the relational database to ensure no failure. M.Lottery also provides a suite of game management, reporting and analytical tools allowing lotteries to control and manage the full spectrum in the lottery system. With the adoption of M.Lottery, merchants can effectively and efficiently operate and manage their lottery business in terms of time and costs. eGame has been supplying its lottery terminal and solutions worldwide, including the world’s leading lottery provider.

M.Lottery Features

  • User Management
  • Terminal & Accessories Management
  • Game Management
  • Ticket Distribution & Tracking
  • Performance Dashboards and Analytical tools
  • Winning Ticket Validation
  • Sales Tracking
  • Statistics & Reporting
  • Agent Authentication & Management
  • Multi-currency, Multi-jurisdictional, Multi-operational platform
  • Optional GPS Tracking System & Mapping Dashboards
  • Optional Risk Management
  • Optional ERP

M.Lottery is highly configurable, customizable and easy to operate, making it easily to adapt to changes and evolve to meet your requirements. It is a comprehensive state-of-art Lottery system with a full range of game modules:

  • Lottery Game (6/49, 5/90, 5/50, 6/30, etc…)
  • Instant Game, Scratch Card
  • Totalizator, Sports Betting
  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Chance (Digit Lottery)
  • Sweepstakes
  • SMS, Mobile Betting